Nuclear Days Conference contributions

Morning session

Innovative Nuclear Technology for Electricity Production

Tomaž Žagar, Nuclear Society of Slovenia, President
Role of Nuclear Power Today: The Answer to Challenge of Decarbonisation
Download pdf here.

Lena Andriolo, IYNC Vice President
The role of the young generation in the development of advanced nuclear reactors
Download pdf here

Giacomo Grasso, ENEA
Lead-cooled fast reactors: state of the art and perspectives
Download pdf here

Mario Matijević , University of Zagreb
I2S-LWR Project: Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor
Download pdf here

Mariano Tarantino, ENEA
Fusion technology development: the Italian contribution
Download pdf here

Afternoon session

The role of Nuclear Energy in the World Decarbonisation Scenarios

Ewelina Kucal, Polish Nuclear Society – Young Generation
Nuclear Energy as a low-carbon source within the European 2050
long-term strategy. The Polish case.

Download pdf here

Mitja Uršič, Nuclear Society of Slovenia
The future of nuclear energy in Slovenia and the project Krško 2
Download pdf here

Eileen Langegger, Austrian Nuclear Society, Chair
Austria’s Nuclear Sceptisicm
Download pdf here

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