About us

Our Mission

Comitato Nucleare e Ragione was born in April 2011, following the accident at Fukushima-Daiichi NPP caused by the tsunami generated by Tōhoku Earthquake.
It was founded as a cultural and no-profit organization by young physics researchers and students of the University of Trieste (Italy) and other European research centers. In the years other people from many disciplines joined as well.
The mission of the early days after the foundation of Nucleare e Ragione (that means literally Nuclear and Reason, i.e. to use the reason instead of emotions to understand nuclear energy) was to counteract the overwhelming misinformation spread on mainstream Italian media around the Fukushima accident. Few months later, while Italy was undergoing a campaign to ban nuclear energy use through a referendum, Nucleare e Ragione actively took part in it, informing people about pro and contras of the two possible outcomes, having in mind that any decision on energy policy affect people life, thus people should be informed at their best to take it.
After the outcome of the vote, that banned nuclear energy plans to be resumed in Italy, Nucleare e Ragione solicited through a petition the Italian Government (Fall 2012) to summon a National Conference on Energy to set a new long-term Strategic Energy Plan for the country, the last dating back to 1988. This request is still unaddressed.
At the same time, through conferences, scientific visits to power plants and research reactors, papers, books and articles published on our two websites and social network, Nucleare e Ragione pursues the aim of spreading basic energy related technology and policy knowledge to a wide non educated public, with special focus on civil use of nuclear energy and its future perspectives.

Our People

Pierluigi Totaro, PhD

Board of Directors

Enrico Brandmayr, PhD
Paolo Errani, MEng, PPhys
Francesco Pascoli, MSc


What does push us to do all this?

We can not call ourselves experts, we leave to others this honor and burden. We are rather a group of passionate, who try to keep themselves well informed both for work and for pastime, humbly conscious of not possessing a definitive knowledge and certainly not exhaustive. We like to share what little we know with as many people as possible: never be we happen to meet somebody equally restless. In the end, we do it, simply because we like all of this.


Nucleare e Ragione
Via Aldegardi 2/1, 34142 Trieste (Italy)

Comitato Nucleare e Ragione is registered in the EU Interest Representative Register (here) and has subscribed to its Code of Conduct.